Greville is an excellent teacher of both aerial and acrobatics. He has been teaching 1:1 and group classes since 2008.


Greville teaches aerial and acrobatics on the adult evening program at The National Centre for Circus Arts, He has also taught degree students straps, the London Youth Circus and private students aerial and acrobatics. He has previously taught at The Hive, The Hangar, The Lister School and Cirque Nova (a disabled circus school).


Greville taught Workshops and high intensity technique classes for Dizzy O'Dare's Circus school, Arts Ed, The Point, Eastleigh, Circus Suburbia and The Young Actors School.


Want to learn some circus skills? Greville can set up and run a workshop for your group/company or teach you 1:1.

Please contact him for details.




CIRCUSize: Personal Training


Greville also offers personal training classes with a circus twist. Circus style training for anyone, utilising cardiovascular, conditioning and strength exercises used by professional circus performers in order to stay in peak condition.