Infiltration is a 45-minute outdoor live-action spy thriller aerial-combat show with innovative flying techniques, martial arts, acrobatics, slapstick & clowning.

The Ashbury-de-la-Zouch Amateur Dramatic Society are premiering their new play Infiltration. The programme says, “Rival teams of international secret agents use gravity defying stunts, battling to control vital secrets to give their nation the lead in the Cold War. Set over the 1960’s to the present, Infiltration highlights the cyclical nature, futility of conflict & the endless repetition of The Cold War.” Bold claims. Can they deliver?

Inspired by fast-paced action films, 60s spy shows & the early Bond films. The show draws on Jackie Chan’s signature use of brooms, ladders & other objects as weapons, with innovative wirework, stunning movement and comedic combat. It’s a witty, dynamic, high-tempo production with exciting aerial feats in an all-live, action packed experience.

In a nutshell – If Jackie Chan met Charlie Chaplin & they made a live action spy thriller version of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon set during the Cold War, you’d get Infiltration!

WARNING - May contain ninjas

Badoosh Infiltration HiRes Brolly gun po

Conceived and produced by Greville Matthews

Directed by Flick Ferdinando

Fight Choreography by Lisa Connell and Kev McCurdy

Rigging by Ben Smith and Mark Perrin

Music By Aelfwyn Shipton

Performed by Beth Coleman

Simon Fee

Greville Matthews

Badoosh is a contemporary aerial circus company founded by Artistic Director Greville Matthews. We make dynamic tongue-in-cheek work that fuses aerial, acrobatics, magic, dance, theatre and comedy together to make arresting shows that will delight and amaze you.