Part 1:

This time marvel at how he makes a hanky disappear - it's a wonder to be sure!

Part 2:

This time a hanky has a mind of it's own - Spooky!

Part 3:

This time marvel at the chameleon like qualities of a handkerchief

Part 5:

In this episode marvel as The Stupendous Crapini makes a bird disappear into thin air!

Part 7:

In this episode an incredible transformation occurs!

Coming on Tuesday 21st July 2020

Part 9:

In this episode see a bottle vanish into thin air!

Part 4:

This time - Balls! Lots of them!

Part 6:

This time watch the magical maestro astonishes a guinea pig - you won't believe your eyes!

Part 8:

This time the astonishing dancing cane!

Part 10:

In the final episode The Stupendous Crapini will amaze you with his impression of a magical giraffe! You won't believe your eyes...